After yesterday’s story about JYJ’s sasaeng fans became a hot topic, sympathy towards JYJ from the fans and public have been pouring in.

One fan even alerted Top News about pictures that have been taken over the years by Sasaeng fans.

Though media is to be unbiased and show all sides of a situation, unilateral attacks against JYJ were made by a “D media source” and aroused the anger of many fans.

Sasaeng fans hinder the privacy of the idol stars and stalk them to the point where they are not able to have a properly functioning private life because of harassing behavior. The deep damage inflicted on idols is caused by these sasaeng fans.

JYJ and DBSK, both who have been plagued by sasaeng fans for years, have experienced uncomfortable events in which they were abused both physically and emotionally.

Under the pseudonym “JYJ number 1 honorable fan” a…

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