My Prince Changmin's Kingdom

TVXQ, I miss you all.
I really really do.
I miss you. I miss TVXQ.
In this lifetime, I cherish you with all my heart, with all my might.
However, let’s not have TVXQ in the next lifetime.
Not because my love has changed–I can’t love you any less– its because I can’t bear to see you getting hurt anymore.
So… in the next lifetime, let’s not have TVXQ.

Kim Jaejoong.
The innocent one with impeccable features.
Why did you have to go through so much like no others?
Why do you keep wearing a smile even when you are down?
Why did you get criticized by anti for all your hard-work?
Kim Jaejoong. Let’s not be this “Kim jaejoong” in your next lifetime.
So that you can live normally.
You can go out with your beloved.
You don’t have to breakup with your lover for the sake of your…

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