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JYJ’s Jun Su has sold over 0.12 million copies of his first solo album and topped the Gaon Chart.

On June 11, a spokesperson for Jun Su reported, “The total number of copies of Xia’s Tarantallegra sold exceeded 120,000 last week. It was the largest number for a solo album according to the Gaon Chart.”

A spokesperson for Gaon Chart says, “It was the largest number of copies sold for a solo album. Xia hasn’t appeared on TV much but many people, including Xia’s existing fans, have asked for the album as it’s a high-quality album that includes various different genres.”

Jun Su’s music video is also very popular in China.

The music video of Tarantallegra, which attracted wide attention in Korea with its sensational images, topped the May’s chart of the Yuetai Chart, the biggest music video site in China.

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