Help TVXQ, Support TVXQ!!

NO Bashing. This is from Cassiopeia Taiwan. They need our help to encourage homin. So, please don’t bashing anyone.

I don’t go to school today…
But I want to tell a things for you..
SMT TAIWAN is not so good..
Because TW organizers tell to SM”Plz let SJ.SHINee.SNSD sing many songs..”
Because Taiwan not many go to the concert!
When April to June.. TVXQ usually come to TW..
So many TW cassiopeia not have money to support HoMin
The concert not all HoMin,so many fans give up.
But TW organizers not let cassiopeia give flower to HoMim
They let E.L.F and Sone give it to their idol!!!!
The day..4 hours..TVXQ just sang 4 songs..They not walk to another stage..
I feel sad and really want to cry..I think I must say sorry to you all..
I don’t do the best to HoMin..Taiwan is SJ and SNSD’s world..
But just Taiwan..another world also is TVXQ’s world..
I will do my best for Junsu and Yuchun maybe will come to TW on July or August..

Please go to the web reply”TVXQ Fighting!”
Many E.L.F said sorry to cassioipeia,and TW cassiopeia want to let SM know
“We always be there!”Plz share it!Ⅲ-in-taiwan-fascinated-30000-audiences/407827482593425?comment_id=4827268&notif_t=like

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