[NEWS] 120621 JYJ Jaejoong Does Dangerous Action Scenes Despite Injuries


In spite of the dangers of getting
facial scars during filming, idol star
and representative “flower boy,” JYJ’s
Kim Jaejoong did all of his action
scenes with determination.
In MBC’s weekend drama “Dr. Jin,”
Kim Jaejoong has been challenging
himself by taking part as Joseon’s
Palace Investigator Kim Gyung Tak. As
Kim Gyung Tak, Kim Jaejoong has
been putting his all into this drama.
JYJ’s management, C-JeS
Entertainment stated on June 20,
“Kim Jaejoong wasted no time; as
soon as he received the script he
registered himself in action school
and practiced very hard in horse back
riding. As for sword fighting, instead
of just swinging his sword around, he
also took the time to study and
understand the movements.”
Even after filming scenes, Kim
Jaejoong did not let go of the sword.
Since Kim Gyung Tak is an
outstanding swordsman in the
drama, Kim Jaejoong did not want to
make it awkward for his character.
As a result of his dedication, his
injuries are worrisome. C-JeS
Entertainment stated, “Because he is
using the sword so much in the
drama, he cuts himself many times
while he is filming. Evne though it
happens, he is not afraid of getting
hurt. He did not even want to use a
stuntman for his first scene of
A staff member of the drama praised
Kim Jaejoong stating,” Whenever he
can do it, Kim JaeJjong would like to
do it for himself instead of using a
Be sure to catch Kim Jaejoong’s
character Kim Gyung Tak in action on
MBC, Saturday & Sunday @ 21:50

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