[TRANS] 120622 Tohoshinki Bigeast Fanclub Event 2012 “The Mission” Commemorative Goods Sales & Details!!

Take Out Bag (foldable) ¥1,200


Durable polyester material!
Compact when folded and stored into
inner pocket.

Fan (case included) ¥1,700


A must-have item for the hot
summer. Suitable for regular use as
the logo is printed as a pattern so it is not too striking. The synthetic leather case is also classy.

Waterproof Mobile Pouch ¥1,500


Touch screens can be operated even when mobile phone is placed inside. Convenient for use at the beach or poolside!
※Not completely waterproof.

Sunglass Design Photo Frame
(includes pictures of the members)


Photo frames made to look like big
sunglasses. 2 sets of photos not seen in the “Android” single are included! Can be used for decorative purposes.

Mission Memo Pad (includes
handwritten messages from the
members) ¥700


Mysterious design where the
members’ messages appear and
disappear. 200 sheets of memo
paper in the same design as the
mission cards!

Bigeast Mini-towel In Beer Can


That “Golden Drink” (T/N: beer) is
one of the goods!? Instead of beer,
the can contains a handy mini-towel. The design is the same as the jumbo towel.

Chocolate Design Mirror ¥1,800


Designed like a chocolate bar
package. The logo has become cocoa only for this item. The perfect size for make-up pouches. Made of rubber.

Bigeast Jumbo Towel ¥3,500


Even the jumbo towel which has
already been on sale can be
purchased at the venue.

※All prices are tax inclusive.
※Purchase of the “The Mission”
commemorative goods is limited only to Tohoshinki’s fanclub, “Bigeast”, members. Purchase is not possible for non-members.

(irrelevant portions omitted)

Source : [ Tohoshinki Official Site]
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