[FANACC] Yunho Military Fanboy

[Yunho fanboy fanaccount] Hello ~ ~ I am the one who with army
uniforms to visit stage fan greeting. I went out at 12 am after
movie and finally arrived at home. I am writing a fan acct while
eating noodles soup.
Honestly, wearing the uniform was a tough because the time is too
late time…. i was worried…
if something bad things happened while wearing a uniform at
night, i must back to army right way so it was tough..but..i decided
to wear it cause i want to yunho hyung to see me! i packed my
another outfit in my bag so i can change it later..finally, yunho
hyung called me! (i felt sorry to other cassies …)
i received 32 Photo cards and handwritten signs..ah…i had filled
with deep emotion…hug me and remembered me..(actually i
asked him ” do you recognize me? ” ㅋㅋ)I also i felt last time and
also today when handshaking with him …. i feel something solid
under the hands … Or very reliable? ㅋ
i was a very good mood ( this is just about role model and fanboy
things..i am not gay! -0- ㅋㅋㅋ)
and Quotes of the day that yunho hyung told us ” live each day
special then you will be the special one”.. as i dad a hard training
in the army ….. really … sometimes forgetting the dream …. when
i felt the skepticism from those meaningless days …..his word
make me coming out from there ….. Thank you so much…….

original source : http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?
credit: My_Yunnie