[YunJae] Our Love is …. Big!!

Hyyyyyy ~ YunJae shippers~ Long time no see (my update) ne? eheheh~
Today i’m sooo on my damn good mood kkkk~
Ok~ let’s move the real topic (?) now^^~

Do u know about the new Korean drama “Big”? Please go here to get the its review^^~ And why i talking about this drama? Am i change this blog to “Drama- Lover- Zone”?
Well~ ofc not nyahahahhaha~ -_-
I’m talking about this one cz it’s related to our YunJae’s love story (?) XDDD~

Today ~ okeh, actually it’s yesterday, Yunho
spotted by fans visited “Big” set filming
(here !). Fans who spotted him says heactually go there to visit his frend which is the drama’s script writer (here !).
But wait … wait !! Why he cames to the set that suddenly?
Why? That single question is dancing on my mind lol~ Ok~ i know, he shud go to there
must be to support his frend but is there any possible reasom why he did? hemmmmm~~

Okeh~ Lets back to the date when JJ
updated his twitter at June, 13th 2012
He uploaded a photo with:

“JJ: Ah it’s so funny.. I really thought it was me.. ㅋ“


well ~ u shud know that thus photo is from one of “Big” drama scene. AND!! the guy whos on the pic is Gong Yoo as “ Yoon Jae ” on the drama!! So?
Is JJ asked Yunho that he loves to wacthing “Big” so he visited the set and thanked the
script writer by gave the lead name as “Yoon Jae“? Okeh~ i’m goin’ to out of fact, i guess? nyahahah ~ ^^v
What can i say is … U guys too sweet to be ingnored lol~ u guys tooo obvious^^~~~


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