[NEWS] 120713 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Becomes First Korean Artist to Top Chile’s Music Chart

Kim Junsu is finding success in all part of the world including Chile.

According to the popular Chilean channel ETC-TV’s Pop Chart on July 10, Kim Junsu’s first solo album Tarantallegra managed to place first on the chart.

In doing so, Kim Junsu became the first Korean artist to place first on the ETC-TV Pop Chart.


The explosive growth in popularity and attention on Kim Junsu in Chile is being attributed to JYJ’s March concert in the South
American country.

Following the success of JYJ’s South America tour, the popularity of JYJ, its members, K-Pop and even Korea itself is said to have

Kim Junsu was also happy to hear of his latest accomplishment saying, “I’m all the more
happy to see the results from the world tour. Though Chile and Korea are far apart distance-wise, I’m truly happy to hear of fans
there who listen to and love my music and I feel a greater sense of responsibility. Thank you.”

C-Jes Entertainment added, “Though Kim Junsu’s Asia tour has come to an end we are continuing to receive love calls from North America, Europe and South America and really feeling the popularity of a world star.
We’re open to a lot of opportunities following
our Asia tour and are currently contemplating our future plans.”

Kim Junsu’s Tarantallegra has been finding success all over the world since the album’s release, placing first in China’s latest music video site and placing first on a German Asian music chart.

Photo credit: ETC-TV Homepage
Credit: enewsworld