[Other Twitters] 120713 Voice Actor of Jisung for PTB’s Drama in TBS Japan, tweeted about Jaejoong

T/N: Takeshi Uchida is a Voice actor of Jisung for PTB’s Drama

– I haven’t seen Jaejoong. I wish for PTB Fanmeet and Jaejoong’s visiting to Japan,.if it comes true I want to sing Somebody To Love with him.

– There is a scene Jaejoong speaks Japanese fluently in PTB.

– When I saw the scene Jaejoong laughs scornfully at Jisung having panic attacks, I thought he is skillful at acting

– The ost of PTB is so nice that I’m moved to tears.

– We love PTB and look forward to next script. I love it the most.

Source: @Take470201 | Translated by: @jjaddictlove via @fathiah | Via: JYJ | Shared by : MICHIYOCASSIE@wp