120715 Jaejoong’s Sister Su Young Tweets About Dr. Jin

Jaejoong sister tweeted about his
acting skills in Time Slip Dr Jin episode 16, also by protect the boss director (see other post):

[TRANS] Jjoongie is cute~~ He called
up father and mother today and told
them not to watch drama (Dr. Jin)
because their hearts would ache. So I
thought if he’d be beaten up too
much (in Dr. Jin)…ㅠㅠ

[TRANS] I cried even twice because
of Jjoogie’s look, acting and the lines
today… I told Jjoongie about it and
also that I had cried even before,
then he said he filmed the scene
quickly because they had no time.
But he was able to be immersed in it!
Woah~ Jjoongie… I sink into your
drama without even realizing it. It’s
so fun to watch Dr. Jin on time every
week~ hehe.

Credits: @shie486
Translated: @126X204
Via: DBSKnights
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