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11. About Tohoshinki and JYJ
Part 1:
I was shocked when I read the following
agreement for the first time. How to
interpet it. I still don’t know.

“Avex Management,(hereinafter called Party
A) and C-JeS entertainment (referred to as
Party B), artists belonging to B: Real name:
Name: PARK YOUCHEON (referred to as
Artists), whose sound or visual recordings
activities, creative activities and
entertainment activities, etc with regard to
copyrighted material, agreed as follows: you
shall be entered into an exclusive contract
(hereinafter referred to as the Agreement).”

Article 29 (Notices – 2)
By any chance, group members of
Tohoshinki [Real Name: SHIM CHANGMIN,
Real Name: CHUN YOUNHO], ends
contractual relationship (including release)
with SM Entertainment Co Ltd and its
affiliates, in a case that they no longer
belong to a talent agency, modeling agency,
or recording companies, if you wish to
contract with the said two people, Party A,
in consultation with Party B and its Artists,
shall be entered into an exclusive contract
negotiation and talks for the 2 people
concerned. In addition, even if the 2 people
became artists of Party B, if Party A wishes
to contract for 2 people and Party B,
separate consultation is better, you shall
negotiate a separate written contract.

It could take a little time to understand the
contents of this agreement. I think I would
like to think slowly.

Before discussing the main issue, I want to
write my own thoughts.

Think and examine the Tohoshinki situation
many times.

I have to write something properly about
Tohoshinki and JYJ.

And why it is necessarily in the first place.

They had literally rewritten the history
books in Japan and Asian entertainment.
Very significantly.

However, the “truths” and rumors flying
around are uncertain. It resulted to chaos
actually. Examining this is on-going
situation is very difficult in a lot of ways.
Maybe now is not the right time to make an
article about it.

Anyway, I watched their videos again and
again. Both static and dynamic movements
created 5 people as THSK. The expressive
power, overwhelming feeling, there was no
other way to describe except it’s terrific. If
you see their live performances, you will

Currently, 5-member THSK separated, with
JYJ belonging to C-Jes entertainment, and
they first entered an exclusive agreement
with Avex but is now battling it out in court.

According to the latest court document
submitted to Tokyo District Court last June
16, 2012, C-jes representative Baek Chanju
made an affidavit statement about meeting
JYJ, as follows:

“I came to do the management of JYJ since
my brother and Kim Junsu’s brother were
roommates at the university. JYJ, who left
SM entertainment (referred as SM), had
consulted me after there was an
opportunity to do their own entertainment
activities. Thereafter, the injuction was filed
against SM, I now decided to help in the
entertainment activities of JYJ.”

In addition, the following are written
statements of Baek Chanju:

“Our (Note: c-jes entertainment), on Feb
26, 2010 has signed an exclusive contract
with Avex concerning JYJ’s activities in
Japan. Originally, the 3 members of JYJ
belong to the 5-member group THSK. THSK,
who belongs to SM which is Korea’s leading
talent agency, had an exclusive contract
between Avex and SM.”

“However, in 2009, as the long term
exclusive contract between SM and JYJ
should be invalid, we decided to apply for
temporary injuction to stop the effect of an
exclusive contract with SM, JYJ
acknowledged some of the allegations of
provisional disposition when the decision
came out. Then, we have been carrying out
business as an agent for JYJ, Avex from
before is against the company, has been
urged to end an exclusive contract. At this
point, Avex, by the decision of provisional
disposition to suspend the effect of the
exclusive contract between SM and JYJ, by
connecting an exclusive contract with the
company, choose to do the management of
JYJ in Japan.”

“As the company, if JYJ is to work in Japan
under Avex management, we predicted of
course that an interference of SM can put
pressure on Avex, we asked avex to ensure
the continuity of JYJ entertainment activities
in Japan without yielding to SM’s

“Avex accepted this request, in Article 15 of
the exclusive contract, without receiving
any restraint or opposition from any third
party,SM entertainment and its affiliates, to
ensure “freedom and capability of effective
implementation of this agreement will be
noted, in addition, in the same article, it
has been duly marked that Avex, in Japan,
will do the necessary measures to prevent
any act (like SM entertainment and its
affiliates), to interfere with the artists’

Agreement in the same way as I mentioned,
for those not interested in the THSK
situation, this statement is from a person
named Baek Chanju, what that means, also,
what is written in the first place, I don’t
have any idea.

Disentangling this complex thread is not
easy. How can I tell this better to more
people? During this time, I had been

“I will become sad”

These are the words muttered casually by
fans. But little by little, as I come to
understand the situation of THSK, it
spreads to the corners of my mind and
heart. Hearing the 5 singing voices of THSK
will be more and more painful.

There is a discography of their introduction,
development, turn, and conclusion. Vibrant,
deep loss, frustration, confusion, chaos,
recovery, and departure. Not only the
goodness of man, some songs also speak
of darkness and being helpless. Reaching
high into the horizon that everyone has not
reached, maturity was developed, and they
had become separated.

However, some of the songs they are
singing, there is a word that we still
continue to hope. Let’s listen to “Bolero”
for example.
“Let me hear the lovely, fleeting wings of
the bolero playing. Soar high, you will
discover a place that will hear your

and “Stand By You”

“Wondering where you are, and with who,
what makes you laugh, what are you
wearing. I am here, still here, I believe that
the two of us will meet again”

and “Asu wa kurukara”

“When the rain falls, I’ll be the umbrella
that covers you. When the wind blows, I’ll
be the wall that shields you. And however
deep the dark night is, tomorrow will surely

Their ballads, as more time passes by since
the separation, will boost their value higher
and higher.

THSK in the background of the situation,
there is a quickening worldwide capital
globalization and nationalism. As
mentioned earlier, recording everything in
this extremely complex and drastic
situation can be quite a difficult task.

However, there are a lot of fans that have
already noticed. This venture into Asia and
into the world, that the five people are dynamic.

And more than anything else, in the tip of
an era valiantly, gently, the 5 member THSK
developed a deep, warm bond with each
other because of incredible hardship and suffering.

Fans are also witnesses to this era.

I am ashamed of my ignorance with the
THSK situation.

When I first heard their music, I seemed to erase my initial impression of them. I was overwhelmed by the power of their singing. Only a handful of men will tell the truth that they listen to their music, as some will be embarrassed to confess.

But I like THSK.

to be continued.

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