Japanese TV networks no longer interested in airing K – POP due to low ratings and lack of interest


The day of K -Pop ‘s demise is getting
closer . Whispers have begun to leak out of
Fuji TV , one of the driving forces behind K –
Pop in Japan , saying , ” We cannot get
ratings with this at all ,” signaling a
beginning in the dismantling of the Hanryu.
Starting with the scandal of actor Takao
Sosuke criticizing Fuji TV for creating the
Korean boom by force in Japan , unpleasant
feelings towards the wave as well as K -Pop
started forming , centered online. With
these feelings growing stronger , K -Pop acts
KARA and Supernova saw their concert in
Hyogo prefecture cancelled due to poor
ticket sales . Even still , TV networks are
trying to push the ” K- POP BOOM” as
always , but it ‘ s getting to the point where
the lack of popularity is becoming hard to
hide .
Finally , talk from within Fuji TV itself
lamenting the lack of popularity of K -Pop
currently have leaked .
” Now if a K – Pop idol goes on a TV show ,
honestly the numbers seem to fall. KARA
and Shojojidai ‘ s decline in ratings is not as
bad , but those groups with names no one
knows have a real problem with ratings .
Their staffs seem greatly perplexed . It
seems that the day that K – Pop and the
Korean Wave won’ t be heard from again is
coming soon ,” said one Fuji TV employee .
As this authorized person said, it’ s been
clear that TV shows have been pulling back
on K- Pop related programming . For
example , last year’ s ” Natsu ga Kita !! HEY !
HEY ! HEY ! Odaiba ‘ Nama ‘ no Uta Matsuri ”
special featured multiple Korean idols
groups , both popular artists and unknowns.
However, this time the only one appearing
will be Tohoshinki.
This year ‘ s ” FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri ” will
also not be featuring Korean idols .
One person related to a major network
said, ” Asahi TV , who does ‘ Music Station ‘
recently decided to distance themselves
from K -Pop . Besides the necessary Korean
artists, they won ‘ t be allowing K- Pop idols
on the show . They just don ‘ t get the
ratings , and the network is getting flack
from viewers online so it has to be like
this. ”
There are quite a few artists aiming to have
a hit in Japan , but it seems the situation
has gotten stricter .

Source: cyzo.com |Translation: devilsatin | Shared by: michiyocassie@wp