[NEWS] 120802 Explanation for Yoochun’s Twitter deactivation revealed


JYJ Yoochun‘s sudden deactivation of his
Twitter has made many fans curious as to
why he might have done it.
Yoochun left a Twitter post on August 1st
that read, “I am always so grateful that you
are always cheering me on and showing me
your love and support. I want to greet you
guys in the future with great music, acting,
and promotions…^^ Once again, I am
sincerely grateful and I love you!! ♥ .”
Twitter was a way for Yoochun to
communicate with his fans and the sudden
deactivation has caused speculation.
Many have assumed that he deactivated his
Twitter because of sasaeng fans like Super
Junior’s Heechul, but that does not appear
to be the case for Yoochun.
A representative of Yoochun told OSEN on
August 2nd, “In his fans point of view, this
was a ‘sudden’ move, and I think that is
why a lot of misunderstandings came up.
He did not delete his Twitter for any
particular reason. He has been neglecting
his Twitter after opening it so I think that
troubled him. Many fans are waiting for
him to update his Twitter and send him
many mentions, but he can’t reply back
daily so he decided it would be better to
deactivate his Twitter rather than continue
to neglect it.”
“His reason for deactivating his Twitter is
not because he developed a personal
problem nor is it because he had a change
of heart. ”
On another note, Yoochun is currently
preparing for his Asia Fan Meeting Tour
that will start on August 25th in Shanghai.

Source & Image: Osen via allkpop
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