[Trans] 120808 The Star: JYJ Kim Jaejoong, “I Almost Fly To England When Park Tae Hwan Was Disqualified.”


“Rather than rice, I prefer omega 3
supplements. Rather than vacationing
overseas, I prefer to be staying at home.”
“Ji Hoon (Rain) hyung asked me to play at
their army unit.”
Cuisine master JaeGeum, “JYJ members
teared eating the meals that I cooked.”
Kim Jaejoong will be bidding Kim Kyung Tak
goodbye next week and we asked him
some questions.

Q: What’s your way to relieve tiredness?

I have been continuously eating omega-3
supplements that helps in blood circulation
and brain functions. As for exercise, I feel
tired even with aerobic exercise so I gave
up. The best way to relieve stress is to stay
at home, watch movie and drink wine.
Sometimes I would drive around.

Q: Did you watch the 2012 Olympics
while filming?

I did watch fencing, archery, shooting and
swimming. I only watched clips of football,
billiards, tennis and judo. I saw how Park
Tae Hwan trained hard every day for the
Olympics and when he was ruled as
violating the rules and was disqualified, I
shouted, “Why?” Then I rewatched the clips
many times and then sent a message to
Park Tae Hwan saying, “I really wish to fly
to England right now.” Four years ago Tae
Hwan told me he wanted to prepare for the
Olympics well and seeing him trained hard
for it hurts me.

Q: JYJ members’ plan for army

Right now there’s no exact plan about
enlistment but when time comes, we will
go. And also! Recently Ji Hoon hyung (Rain)
called, “Our army unit is pretty good. You
can consider here.”

Q: How is the skills of cuisine master
JaeGeum (combination of Jaejoong and
Dae Jang Geum. It’s a nickname the
company staffs gave it to me)?

I am very confident with cooking and I
should not have a problem obtaining a
license. Especially spicy chicken stew. I
made it better than the restaurants out

Q: What’s the reviews from the

They will still eat it even when they are on a
diet. Yoochun likes the mixed seafood stew
that I cooked in the middle of the night. As
for Junsu, he will cry as he strictly does not
eat at night. As he wants to eat thus can’t
help and cried. (laughs)

Q: What’s your status on Kakaotalk now?

“Working hard with my might”. This is a
motto for concluding ‘Dr Jin’ schedules
well. As for photo, it is a photo where I
pointed ‘V’ with both hands at the sky.

Q: If you were to get the new actor award at MBC award show?

New actor award can only be gotten once.
It would be good if I could get it. If I got it,
I would point ‘V’ with both hands to the
fans and shout loudly, “I love everyone,
thank you!”


source: thestar.chosun
credit: JYJ FC Taiwan
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
via: syc
shared by: michiyocassie