120816 Kim Jae Joong’s Expensive Hobby Revealed

When Kim Jae Joong isn’t being an idol
star-actor extraordinaire, it appears
another hobby keeps the JYJ member busy.
And it’s definitely not as badass as his bad
boy persona.


TvN’s enews recently delved into the JYJ
member’s hobby of—you guessed it—
collecting high end cookware and home
And while Kim Jae Joong’s interest in
cooking and interior design may make him
great husband material (among many other
reasons), the hobbies come with a hefty
price tag.
Among the expensive items that decorate
his lush bachelor pad are a German
cookware set with a price tag that ranges
from about $400 to $700 and a Fritz
Hansen coat tree that retails for
approximately $1,190.
Talk about having expensive tastes, but it’s
only the best for Kim Jae Joong!

Cr: enewsworld
Shared by: michiyocassie@wp

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