[TRANS] 120909 In his interview, Jin YiHan talks about his friendship with Kim Jaejoong


“The director told me and Kim Jaejoong to
put on mustache but it didn’t fit Kim
Jaejoong at all. Therefore, he put it off
“In Dr. Jin, I had a lot of scenes with Lee
Bumsoo and Kim Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong
also liked to act with me more than with
Park Minyoung. That’s why Kim Jaejoong’s
fans said that the two of us looked good
Jin Yihan and Kim Jaejoong have
established a strong rapport as they had a
lot of time together. In a recent interview,
Kim Jaejoong even said that he would go
out with Jin Yihan if he (Jin Yihan) were a
“I have spent a week at Kim Jaejoong’s
house. Kim Jaejoong likes me a lot and
therefore he said to me ‘Let’s live together.’
At first it was quite hard for him because
he is originally a singer (T/N: He is referring
to acting) . An actor doesn’t usually point
out the flaws of other actors. But at the
first script reading, I have pointed out for
him his weakness. Then, when we worked
together, Kim Jaejoong started to lean on
me. Maybe that’s why he said so. He’s a
good friend but I think if he were a woman,
I wouldn’t want to go out with him

Source: Asia Today via Nate
Translation by : Hannah @ PrinceJJ
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