Why did the TVXQ members cry on ‘God of Victory’?


The TVXQ members cried while
filming for ‘ God of Victory ‘.
TVXQ and UV battled each other in
many aspects on the show, and one
of the contests was to see who
could cry faster. UV suggested the
contest, but expressed their worry
by saying, “Yoo Se Yoon is usually a
crybaby, but lately he’s been
happy“. When Yoo Se Yoon said he
would perform the best in this
contest, Yunho replied, “I’ve got a
lot of things built up in my chest, so
I can cry well.”
Both TVXQ and UV did not let
themselves be disturbed from their
crying even with the staff’s ‘secret
weapon’ to try and disturb them.
Yunho especially got too into his
feelings and couldn’t stop crying
even after the round was over.
The full segment and other battles
will air on the 14th.

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