Broken Tsubasa

okeh .. firtly i wanna tell u, whats on with “15 October 2011” ?? why that day is so Unforgetable?? then… i’ve two reasons

Fist, Tomorrow our JYJ held a concert in Japan “JYJ Unforgertable Concert 2011” and u know what happened there??

read this FanAcc:

[Eng Trans]

Junsu cried while Fallen leaves. He even stopped singing for lines. Maybe it’s his climax,he’s the writer+composer for the song? He’ll understand and deeply feel it more than everybody. He tried to continue singing,and he did it. Great job,Jun-chan!

Then after JJ said Tohoshinki and sang SBU,JS and YC were seemed surprised when JJ said they’ll sing SBU. It’s unexpected! JS and YC were like ‘that is song of 5! We sing it? Now?’ then they sing it. ACAPELLA! So totally touching! Harmony,omg if it was sang by 5. Even just for lines…TT
Idk why JJ planned it. But JJ…

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