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That Incomparably Cold Summer
Even though it is not a must to say this, but for me in the past, I’ve also longed for people’s understanding on what I want and what I wish to say. Even though we didn’t know when we had to wait until, it was very obvious that it was not now. Eventually catching up with “happiness” and searching out “dreams”, our footsteps were once so heavy, and so fearful in the face of the bleak future. But for the sake of that perfect “happiness” and “dreams”, it seemed we could shake off the heavy footsteps and fear. And this is how, with the name JYJ, we formed.

The Story kept in the Bottom of the Heart
In the summer of 2009, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu decided to forsake everything they owned in their position. Popularity and money are no longer important. If…

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