[Trans] 130422 – 130423 Time Tour Staff Diary ★Here Goes Ms T & Mr T★

2013.04.22 – T-Shirt & Sports Towel

It’s Mr T!

I tried putting the T-shirt and the sports towel
on the mannequin!
Because I think it would be difficult to get my
point across if I were to wear it myself…(sweat)


The (shirt) in the photograph is M-sized!
The soft and comfortable T-shirt was achieved by
a mix of cotton and rayon!
The fit is slightly loose so you may arrange it
Perhaps the use of a calm colour scheme is to
better complement the light.
Just having the towel over your shoulder keeps
you motivated to continue cheering!!
Finally, it’s 5 days till the first day of the
Let’s get fired up (p`・ω・´q)★ Fighting!

2013.04.23 – New Single! Compact Mirror!
It’s Ms T!
Today there was good news about the release of
the new single right ♪
Will we be able to hear it during the tour??
I’m also curious about the B-side track…
You’ll be able to place orders for the venue
special limited edition version,
I’m starting to look forward to the tour even
Moving on, I’ll be focusing on a must-have item
for females today, the compact mirror!
The staff came up with this after seeing the
pocket watch that Yunho held in the music video
for “Humanoids”.
The highlight of this item is that it has features
that only females would appreciate, such as a
size that fits easily into the palm, or a place to
grip onto with your fingernails when opening the
mirror. (* `д ‘) b OK!


The photograph shows the drawstring pouch that
will come with the mirror.
It is made of non-woven fabric, and is
convenient to provide some protection to the

Source : [Tohoshinki TIME Special Site ]
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T-shirt and compact mirror!! i really want it >< Someone, pls buy it for me, juseyo~